GoodBuy Gear is a marketplace for baby and kid toys, equipment, strollers, gear, and select small furniture. We accept most gently-loved items that are clean and in working order (i.e. not damaged, unsafe or recalled).  

We do NOT accept or sell the following items: 

  • Broken/recalled or otherwise unsafe items

  • Car seats

  • Footwear & Clothing (Baby, kid, and maternity)

  • Stuffed animals

  • Cribs, beds, mattresses and other large pieces of furniture and decor

  • Bedding (sheets, crib bumpers, blankets, changing pad covers without a pad, etc)

  • Feeding Gear (bottles, bibs, cups, utensils, nursing covers, cart covers, etc)

  • Strollers that are more than 10 years old (for some brands, more than 5 years)

  • Items that are outdated or have reached their end of life


All other gently-loved, clean and in good condition gear welcome! Here is our recommended list of partners to donate, sustainably dispose or sell your items we can't accept. 

Tips to prepare your items:

  • Confirm all items are in working condition* 

  • Make sure all electronics have working batteries, if needed**

  • No need to disassemble items***

  • Give everything a good wipe-down or wash****

  • Consolidate items on porch, entry way or garage

What we DO take:

  • Activity Centers, Jumpers & Swings

  • Backpacks & Carriers

  • Bassinets & Sleepers

  • Bicycle Trailers (MUST be under 10 years old)

  • Bicycles

  • Breast Pumps - please make sure the motor is strong, in excellent condition and still effective (we don't want a new mom to worry about her production unnecessarily!)

  • Cloth Diapers - please ensure they are in great shape! (e.g. leg elastics spring back and the velcro is strong)

  • Floor Seats

  • Gyms & Playmats

  • High Chairs & Booster Seats - please make sure they are SUPER clean! For safety reasons, we are unable to clean left over food off of any items

  • Monitors & Electronics

  • Pack n' Plays & Travel Cribs

  • Playards & Gates - must include ALL hardware (if applicable)

  • Potty Training Gear - please make sure they are SUPER clean! For safety reasons, we are unable to clean bodily fluids off of any items

  • Puzzles & Games - must include ALL pieces

  • Scooters & Wagons

  • Sports Equipment

  • Strollers (Double, Single, Standard, Jogging, Travel, etc)

  • Stroller Accessories - if you are selling adaptors with us, we'd REALLY appreciate if you could leave us a note letting us know the model / car seat compatibility

  • Toys!

  • Walkers

Please note that we DO accept the following but they must be in excellent condition and include all parts:

  • Baby Bjorn Original and Infantino baby carriers

  • Wrap style baby carriers like the Boba and Moby wrap

  • Bath tubs 

  • Boppy pillows and other nursing pillows

  • Bouncer seats

  • Car seat covers (like BundleMe)

  • Changing pads

  • Diaper bags

  • Doorway jumpers

  • Full body / pregnancy pillows

  • Infant Activity Gyms and tummy time mats

  • Nursing covers

  • Shopping cart covers

*We can do light repairs (e.g. replacement part) but we will deduct a $10-25 service fee from your payout, depending on the cost of time and materials.  

**In order to list something, we have to know it works. If there are no batteries or the batteries are not working, we cannot guarantee that we will replace them in order to verify that the item works. We must also deliver items in working condition so if we are able to replace batteries we charge a $5 battery replacement fee.

***In order to list a USED item, we have to know it works and will reassemble if it is broken down. We charge a $5 reassembly fee if applicable. Not applicable for new or open box items.

****If you don't have time to clean all your items (we get it!), no worries, we have laundry and cleaning abilities at the GoodBuy Garage! Just note that we can only do this for some items and if we are able to clean it we will deduct $5-$15 cleaning fee depending on the time and effort required by our Wingmoms.


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