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How does your referral program work?
How does your referral program work?
Give $25, get $25 in store credit (same as cash!)
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Help us spread the word about GoodBuy Gear. Your friends, your wallet and Mother Earth will thank you! 

Plus the more people that buy and sell with us, the more selection and sales we will have, which is a win-win for everyone :)  

When you share your referral link with someone you are sending them a $25 discount for buying ($50 minimum purchase required, for new customers only) or selling. For each redemption, you will earn a $25 in store credit (sent by email)  to buy anything from our store (same as cash - no minimum order required!).

**Referrals will be monitored to ensure eligibility requirements are met. Credits are provided for first-time customers only. Duplicate referrals will result in the loss of discount/credit for both the buyer and referrer

Thanks in advance for helping us spread the word:

***Referral discounts are good for first-time customer redemptions only. Referrals that are found to be redeemed by an existing customer will result in the voiding of such referral discounts and the corresponding bonus.

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