You will be paid up to 80% of the sale price and we will deduct a $10-$25 service fee per pickup or dropoff, from your first sale. The service fee covers the pickup of your items, credit card processing fees, photographing your items, writing descriptions, finalizing listings, and promoting your goods and answering any questions to our community of buyers and beyond!

Our sliding scale payout lets you keep more of your earnings when you sell a higher-priced item. And we are now able to list items that are under $15. Here’s how the sliding scale commission works:

  • > $249 you keep 80% 
  • $99 - $248 you keep 70% 
  • $15 - $98 you keep 60% 
  • < $15 you keep 20% 

You can select  from the following payout options:

  • PayPal 
  • Good Buy Bucks (AKA Store Credit)
  • Old-fashioned check 
  • Donation (to your charity of choice!)
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